Project Development


“We are currently focused on the Central-Southern Gulf of Mexico in the ” Cuenca del Sureste ” in the state of Tabasco. We have a strong management team with extensive experience in Mexico’s oil and gas sector (serving Pemex for several years).

In strategic alliance with Mexican service company “Tubular Technology” and the United States geophysicists experts “ION Geophysical Corporation”.

As a result of our participation in the Tender 1.3 “Mature Terrestrial Fields ” Round 1, convened by the COMISION NACIONAL DE HIDROCARBUROS, we were awarded the Contractual Area 16 “Paraíso”.

On May 10th 2016, we signed the “Contract for extraction of hydrocarbons in the form of license” with a duration of 25 years with two possible extensions of five years each, starting in 2017 the evaluation activities.

Technical Information of “Paraíso”:

“Paraíso” is an oil and gas deposit on land, located in the central part of the “Salina Istmo basin” in the state of Tabasco. Approximately 32% of “Paraíso” field is located within the Contractual Area Paraíso. The “Paraíso” field Contractual Area covers 17 km2. The field is contained in a coal mine deep high pressure (0.78 psi / ft), non-saturated, fractured, the Upper Cretaceous era.

  • It is located in Tabasco state.

  • Area of 17 km2 and includes the “Paraíso” field.

  • At 10 km south of “Dos Bocas” export terminal.

  • It has an original volume in place of 78 million barrels of oil and 43 billion cubic feet of gas.

  • Field Type: Black Oil.

  • 35.0 degree API.

  • These hydrocarbons are stored in Upper Cretaceous limestones.

3P original volume


Oil (mmb)

Gas (mmmpc)



Hydrocarbon reserves