Health, Safety and Environmental


In Roma ENERGY HOLDINGS, we are committed to work to the strictest standards of quality at the same time ensure the safety at work and respect for the environment.

To do this, we implement controls and operational practices for the total fulfillment of our HSE policy, based on a hierarchy of risks and impacts, consisting of rules for operation and management.

In this way, Rome ENERGY HOLDINGS undertakes to:

  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment to all its partners.
  • Minimize the environmental impact and optimize the use of natural resources
  • Develop a culture that encourages employees to assume its responsibility for HSE.

Occupational safety and health


  • Prevent injuries through the elimination or minimization of risks to employees arising from work activities. All work-related incidents can be prevented.
  • Carry out a systematic and timely assessment of the performance of security plans.
  • Include employees on matters affecting their personal health and safety, creating programs according to their needs and to promote the health of employees.
  • Investigate security incidents and sharing what you’ve learned.



  • Minimize the environmental impact on the operations and optimizing the use of natural resources by integrating environmental management into all processes.
  • Monitor the environmental performance in key areas for improvement measures.
  • Measures to promote the conservation of natural resources through energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and reduction of emission of gases.
  • Engage employees in environmental matters and ensure that you understand their roles and responsibilities